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The staff at Honest 1 were so kind and efficient in helping me figure out why my car was squealing. They kept me informed the entire time I was waiting, provided receipts of future care and broke down costs, and were extremely affordable. The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because the technicians working on my car went into my glovebox and threw my stuff on the floor and didn’t care to put it back (which isn’t that big of a deal, but rather an annoyance). Nonetheless, I will be a returning customer.


Great service, wonderful owner and staff.


I have used a couple of Honest-1’s throughout the cities and they are always the first place I think of when I need repair. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and most importantly honest about my vehicles needs and care. I’ve never once felt pressured or taken advantage of and the service is always prompt and reasonably priced. I recommend this place to all my friends.


Another excellent service job completed in a timely manner. Great customer service at check in & through the process.


Great service! 5 stars!


Never had an issue with the few times I've brought my Toyota here. They're quick to diagnose, and fairly quick to get the issues taken care of given the crazy amount of cars I see them working on. Prices seem fair to me, especially when I've used the loaner vehicles which are fuel efficient and reliable.


I have to complain about the unprofessional game honest-1 played. Honest-1 performed under-car engine shield replacement for my vehicle. The service started in March 2021. They did not tell me that they did not have the engine shield until I sent the car to them and waited an hour. They said they can order one for me which takes weeks and the price is two times as the ones online. They said I can order one by myself, but they will double their labor fee. Fine, I chose to order my own. Now time came to December 2021. I scheduled a replacement for mid December, and they told me they needed to reschedule it to late December IN THE LAST MINUTE. That is also fine. I did visit them several days ago for the replacement, which took HALF A DAY. Now this is how they played the game. They finally said they installed the shield, but also said, hey, we are missing two bolts, you have to purchase the bolts and come back next time when you do oil change with us. I asked what bolts I need to buy, the staff said, just go to Honda dealer and they will tell me. OK, I visited Honda; they told me that no bolt is required for them shield. What needed are just some plastic clips. honest-1 charged $90+!! Come on, honest-1 does not even have these clips??? Do you maintain your business by tricking your customers to do endless services with you? I have to do oil change with you in order for you to put the two clips? what about next time? You don't have the oil available and I have to order my own and come back again? What a terrible service! I had to order the clips and ramps on Amazon and putting the clips took one minute. And, I found that they did not even bother fastening the screws!!! All screws are loose. This is putting customers in danger! TLDR, honest-1 does not care about customer's time and safety, and plays games to maintain their business---intentionally miss some small parts so that you have to go back. Also, they double their labor fee if you purchase parts on your own, by claiming a longer time they spent. Updates: I forgot to mention another dishonest game they played. In March 2021, they did not perform the service due to missing the parts, but they charged my $300 dollar stealthily! I found this when I check my credit card statement. What The Heck??? How can this happen? This is a scam store! I have to call credit card and the dishonest honest-1 many times to get my money back. Updates on Jan 27: No, honest-1 is not trying to get things right. Instead it is requesting me to delete the review, and directly calling my personal phone. Doing wrong things again. I will write a separate review for how them handle customer complaints.

Ken, I am terribly disappointed to hear your feelings after the services we performed. I texted you hoping to discuss because even though your interpretation is your reality, your interpretation is not what we intended. We never scam anyone and do not want to encourage multiple visits. The truth is that we tried to save you some money by allowing you to provide your own part. ( which is against company policy) We always try to do what we can to save our customers money. Sadly on your most recent visit the technician who worked on your car was in his first week and clearly needs more training. Second, we were so busy that we couldn't get to your car as we communicated when you called prior to drop off. Not because we wanted to make it look like it took longer. We want to make things right. Call or text me back. I am happy to refund you. -TOM 763-327-2323

- Honest-1 Auto Care Roseville

Told them I needed a time consuming repair done the next day after a holiday and it was ready even though they were short-staffed. Worked perfectly on 1600 mile trip.


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