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Absolutely terrible experience. I am telling everyone to avoid "Honest" Auto at all costs. First: I brought my wife's car there for an alignment because we had a coupon and the estimate for the alignment was fair. When we went to pick up the car, they told us the car needed a new valve cover gasket (didn't quote), power steering flush ($100), a brake fluid flush ($100), and front struts ($885). The struts they quoted were the Monroe quick strut, which they quoted at $333 each, with $218 labor ($109/hour). I decided to ignore it since the struts looked fine , but I did look up the cost of the struts ($120 each for the exact same strut). Besides that, they don't look like they would take me more than an hour to replace. Second: I had new tires installed on my old accord and because of the affordable alignment cost, decided to take my car there and ignore all of their extra bogus quotes (clearly they make their money from "finding" things wrong with your car). I had an appointment at 5pm and the store closed at 6. At approximately 5:45 I saw them take the car back. At 6:15 they told me that when the put the car on the rack they have to depress the brake (couldn't seem to explain why) and when they did that, the brake hose "blew". They said it happens on older cars and "it wasn't anything I did or they did". But no worries, "it's a really cheap part and it will only take an hour to do". They charged me $62 for the small piece of flexible brake hose. The same hose at orielly and Napa cost $20 and I'm sure the shops can get it for cheaper than me. After looking at reviews, I saw someone experienced the exact same thing and when they asked to see the hose it looked like it had been cut. Obviously, it is possible that my brake hose actually broke, but needless to say, I am skeptical. If you have ANY other options and want to avoid outrageous part and labor costs, don't go to Honest 1 Auto.

We are sorry you had a less than stellar experience. We have new ownership since that time, and I hope you would reconsider bringing your vehicle in for service. Peter Lee, owner

- Honest-1 Auto Care Roseville

Great service, and I was clued into the process step-by-step. Took great care of me and the car, and provided excellent service. Thanks!


Good work, quoted reasonable prices on further work that needs to be done. I was quoted a lower price over the phone for a fuel filter install than what I was told after the work was finished, and when I told the employee he adjusted the price to the quoted price without any hassle. These guys live up to the name. I will be back.


I used a Groupon and was overcharged by almost $10, contrary to a quote I received via email about substituting synthetic oil (quote as $6/qt) for regular oil. Instead they just subtracted the value of the Groupon from the cost of a synthetic oil change, which cost me ca. $10 more. Over the phone, they agreed to refund me $10 the next time I came. When I did come in again, they balked. I even emailed the manager with all the documents and I have yet to receive a $10 refund. What's $10? A lot to someone on a disability income. It also means Honest-1 is UnHonest-1.


These guys cut me a huge cash break when I really needed it. It isn't like I was begging for a break either. I had the hoses replaced before I moved to Portland about three months ago and the oil changed- well the people who fixed the car previously didn't do a good job. Honest 1 gave me a diagnostic cost that was half what the local Jeep/ Dodge dealership would have charged and then they fixed the hose for free, no labor charge. Pete McAdoo helped me out for the heck of it I suppose, never met the guy before.

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